Which Software Is Best For HDR Photography

HDR photography is all the rage these days amongst photographers of different genres. It’s a great way to enhance the dynamic range of your photos, allowing you to get the perfect exposure if tough lighting conditions. Mostly used by landscape and architectural photographers, HDR photography gives you the room you need to truly change the look of your photos.

However, this is one kind of photography that relies heavily on which software you use for post-processing. Yes, many cameras offer built-in HDR capabilities but these files cannot be tweaked too much later on. To create a truly editable HDR photo, you should take multiple RAW images at different exposure settings and then merge them with an editor.

Speaking of HDR editors, there are more available than one can count. I am going to talk a little about my personal favorite one, however, that goes by the name of Aurora HDR.

Aurora HDR – The Best All Around HDR Editor

When you first visit https://aurorahdr.com/ you’ll see that it is touted as the best app for 2017 by Apple. That is because the 2017 version of the software was intended only to be used on mac OS, but seeing the instantaneous rise in its popularity the makers have decided to create a Windows version as well.

With the compatibility issues aside, this software is amazing. It has a very easy to use interface, with more options to edit your HDR photos that you could ever need. It’s created with the help of famous photographer Trey Ratcliff, so one can imagine why its interface is one of the best around. It’s created by a photographer, for photographers.

While the interface is great for both professionals and newbies alike, the real power of Aurora HDR lies in its quality. The images come out very natural even with the automatic settings and presets and can be tweaked to your heart’s content with the extensive controls. The presets are amazing in their own right. They range from those that tweak your images slightly to those that change the complete look of your scene. You can even tweak various aspects of the applied presets if you so desire.

Another great thing about Aurora HDR is that it can be used both as a standalone program as well as a plugin for the likes of Photoshop and Lightroom. So no matter which image editing program you use, you can still use this excellent HDR editor to create some stunning photographs.