So we previously talked about why you should get a prime lens before a telephoto lens as your first one. But when should you buy a telephoto lens? Let’s talk about the different ways a telephoto lens can be used.

  1. For Faraway Subjects

Of course, the most obvious use of a telephoto lens is to zoom in on subjects that are far away. You can take photos of birds, the stars and the moon, wildlife, and sports with a telephoto lens. A telephoto lens will allow you to optically zoom in on subjects that you can’t physically get close to.

  1. For Portraits

Many people don’t realize how useful a telephoto lens can be for taking great portraits. Specifically, a telephoto lens can let you take portraits with a bokeh in the background if you can’t afford a prime lens with a wide enough aperture.

  1. For Walking Around

While I do recommend carrying a prime lens as a walk around lens when going for street photography, a nice short telephoto lens is also a great choice. It gives you a lot of flexibility while walking around in busy streets where you can’t always go up to your subjects with a fixed focal lens.